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all-fix renovation your renovation specialist at the costa del sol

Our finger on the pulse of your building project

Considering building your dream house or apartment on the Costa del Sol?
Already involved in a building project here, but can't seems to get things moving?
Or looking for someone who knows what they're doing to oversee a current building project?

But you don't know where to begin?
Maybe because you don't speak the language.
Or because you don't have the necessary contacts on the Costa?
Then you are very welcome o come to us.

We coordinate, oversee and make adjustments to projects.

Our team is standing by to:

  • Coordinate your building project
    You have finally found your way to the Costa del Sol and want to have your dream home built here. But how do you get started if you don't know anyone in the building industry? Come and talk to us. We know all the right tradesmen and can coordinate their work for you. We also know what the requirements are for buildings in the Mediterranean climate of the Costa del Sol.

    We will, of course, discuss the project in the detail with you beforehand. And we'll keep you totally up to date of progress by e-mail and telephone. That way you'll know exactly what's going on. You can also be sure that your budget is being respected and everything is adhered to with regard to the schedule. 

  • Oversee your building project
    You have a building project underway on the Costa del Sol. You're working with a developer to build your house or apartment. But you can't jump on a plane whenever you want to go and check things in Spain and make sure the project is progressing to your wishes. Don't worry - we'll do it for you!

    We will conduct checks at the building site, talk with the contractor and make adjustment where necessary. We'll also keep you totally up to date so that you can give us feedback and keep a good eye on the timing of the whole project.

  • Make adjustments to your existing building project
    You have a building project underway in Spain. But things haven't quite gone to plan and some adjustments are needed? Or are you looking to renovate the building over time? Time to bring All-Fix in. We'll visit the project for you, look to see what action needs taking and present you with a price quote and schedule for the works.

    Once you approve the quote, we'll start making adjustment in conjunction with local tradesmen who we select and supervise. And once again we'll keep you up to date with progress on the project.

  • We're willing to roll up our own sleeves
    When we're involved ourselves on a project the results are always better. We know this from experience.

    That's why we like to roll up our sleeves on every project. We motivate people with our enthusiasm and attention to detail at every stage of the building project and get them to give the best of themselves.

    It pays, too - because it's the only way your dream home or apartment will be of the highest quality. 

Remco: +34 607 426 402

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