Renovation, fit-out and maintenance of your property at the Costa del Sol

  • Rising damp
    Are you struggling with rising damp on your external walls or on the walls inside? Is the damp in the walls causing the paint to start blistering in some places? 

    Then you should come to us.

    We work mainly using an injection method:
    º We spray in te damp-proofing product under pressure. It 
      penetrates to virtually the whole depth of the wall.
    º We also use a manual method that involves pushing the moisture
      of out the holes drilled.

    We carry out all of our work very carefully.There is nothing for you to be concerned about.
  • Damp problems caused by broken joints
    Because of the high temperatures in Spain oras the result of using the wrong grout, the joints between tiles can break down. As a result, serious damp problems can occur that need to be remedied as quickly as possible.

    We analyse the situation and then make a proposal:
    º What is the most effective grout?
    º When is it best to apply it?

    While applying the grout, we use a specially designed
    calking machine:
    º It cleans each tile
    º No grout is left behind
    º No visible grout or wax is left behind on your tiles.


Please contact us 

Remco De Cock
0034 607 426 402 (BE, NL, FRA, ENG, SPA)

0034 607 417 132 (BE, NL, ENG)

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