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Air conditioning: a must at the Costa del Sol in the summer and winter


At all-fix we like to make sure that our customers enjoy their stay at the costa del sol to the fullest. There is Air conditioning a very important part of, living a cool room in the winter or a way too hot room in the Spanish summer isn’t quite agradable.

Shortly said a good temperature inside is quite important. Therefore, All-Fix is your partner for your air conditioning system.


All our airco units are from the brand Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Why? They are the best on the market after daikin, they give 1 year more warranty than other brands, and price quality they are worth their name.

With Mitsubishi Heavy Industries you choose for an airco that adjust to the climate during the whole year. Heating, cooling, filtering of the air or drying it; it is all possible in a fast, comfortable and easy way.


Since there are many type of airco systems, we like to give you a quick overview of some types so it’s a bit easier for you.


Room to 20 m²                                                  Room to 35m²                                                         Room to 50m²

E.G. Small bedroom                                         E.G. Large bedroom or living room                         E.G. Large living room 

Model: SRK25                                                  Model: SRK35                                                         Model: SRK45

Price:1049€                                                       Price: 1122€                                                            Price: 1590€


Apartment with 2 bedrooms 90m²                                                                      Apartment with 3 bedrooms 90m²

Model: FDUM71                                                                                                 Model: FDUM100

Price: 3388€                                                                                                       Price: 4400€

Prices of the airco units are excl. VAT

Installation of all these models: 120€ per airco.

By buying a new airco you get a 2years omnium service.
This includes free maintenance (once a year) and free replacement parts. 

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